Private German Lessons

Level A1-C2
1.139 30 HOURS (LESSONS)
  • 1 Level in 30 Lessons possible

Private German Lessons - In Frankfurt & Online

Enalinuga Your Language School in Frankfurt

You want to learn German privately, efficiently and flexibly with a language teacher who suits you? Learn German in Frankfurt as efficiently and quickly as possible to pass the CEFR exam or other language tests, or to prepare for your job. To reach a level for CEFR, TestDaF, Goethe etc.. (A2 or B1) requires a 30-40 hours German preparation course.

German Private Lessons

1 Hour
  • Price Per Hour (Lesson)
  • 1 Level needs ~ 30-40 Hours
  • For GER, TestDaf, DSH, Goethe and more
  • Start = Flexible


From 30 Hours
  • Price Per Hour (Lesson)
  • 1 Level needs ~ 30-40 Hours
  • For GER, TestDaf, DSH, Goethe and more
  • Start = Flexible


From 60 Hours
  • Price Per Hour (Lesson)
  • 1 Level needs ~ 30-40 Hours
  • For GER, TestDaf, DSH, Goethe and more
  • Start = Flexible

Class Dates & Appointments

Intensive German Courses Frankfurt- Dates for NIveau A1-C1

Flexible start – Possible at any time

As many hours as needed

From home, in the office, or online

deutsch sprachkurs in frankfurt am main

Enalinagua - Your private German lessons Frankfurt

Registration form - German Private Lessons

In order for you to start taking German private lessons at our language school in Frankfurt, you should fill out our private lesson registration form. This way we can guarantee you the best German lessons. When you are on the registration form, enter your course level from A1-C2. Information about yourself and when you can start with the German private lessons.  You are also welcome to call our language school in Frankfurt. This way we can process your registration.

Private German Lessons - Duration For 1 Level

Duration and Time You Need For 1 Level

The time it takes for a student to reach a level with German private lessons always varies from student to student. Experience shows that an average student needs 30-40 lessons to prepare for the exam (TELC, TestDaF, GER, Goethe) of each level. If the student still has comprehension problems after 30 lessons, we will consider together with the private teacher where the student’s problems with the German language lie and enable the student to eliminate them in a targeted manner. In this way, each student can be sure that he or she has the necessary knowledge to master the language exam. 

Learn German From Anywhere With Your Private Tutor

Private teacher German for foreigners A1-C2 level

No matter if you want to learn German at your home with the teacher, learn German at our language school, or take your German course online private lessons. Our language school Frankfurt adapts to you. Exactly the right private German courses in Frankfurt for your learning level Cheap German private lessons await you in our language school Frankfurt During your vacation in Germany, your job or your studies.

German Private Lessons Online

Learn german as a foreign language with online private tutor

You want to learn German easily from home or on vacation, or from another country? Then our private German lessons are exactly what you are looking for. From A1-C2 level you can learn German online via a Zoom Call. With Zoom, the best connection is guaranteed. All you need is a stable internet connection, your laptop, a webcam and preferably a headset. With this you can practice listening comprehension, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary and learn German at its best – booking private lessons online is easy in the modern age and guaranteed to prepare you for the language exam.

Private German Lessons For Beginners & Advanced Students

We at ENALINGUA will find the right course for you. If you are a beginner, an A1-A2 course will make sense. If you are an advanced student, you will receive a B1-C1 course. We will first test your language level so that we can train you specifically.  Then your private language teacher will determine where your deficits and strengths lie and adjust the lessons accordingly. For private German lessons, our courses cost 42 € per lesson.

Obtain language certificates such as GER, Telc, Testaf Goethe

Now easily get language certificates - Best private teachers german as a foreign language

Our private German teachers work with our own scripts that prepare you specifically for any language exam you want to take. You attend German private lessons from your level and learn with us essential content to pass the CEFR exam. If you have a Telc, Testdaf, or Goethe exam coming up, you will receive additional exercises that will prepare you for these exams. If you pass the language test we will help you to get the certificate.

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