Online German Course

Level A1-C1
  • Courses For Exam Preperation
  • 80 hours (Lessons)
  • Morning & Evening Courses

Online German Course

Level A1-C1
  • Courses For Exam Preperation
  • 80 hours (Lessons)
  • Morning & Evening Courses

ENALINUGA - Online German Course

online german course for a successful exam Preperation

You want to learn German online from the comfort of your home, in small groups or privately, in order to best prepare for your language exams (GER, Telc, DSH, TestDaF, Goethe). Depending on how intensive and fast you want to reach your goal, we offer 3 types of online courses. You will learn German online at levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 in our language school in Frankfurt. Our courses are designed to prepare you optimally for your language exam! 

deutsch sprachkurse in frankfurt am main

Find Your Course

Klick: on the course that you need and you will find all Information for your next possible German course.

Kursdaten - Onlinekurs Termine

Online Deutschkurse für NIveau A1-C1 in Fraunkfurt

Unsere Deutsch Online Kurse beginnen jeden Monat aufs Neue. Damit kannst du mit einer Gruppe von Beginn an zusammen Deutsch lernen. Unsere Abendkurse sind von 18:30-20:30. Unsere Intensivkurse von 12:30-16:30 und unsere Privatkurse so wie Die es zeitlich am besten passt.

Online Abendkurstermine: (Mo. + Mi.) & (Di. + Do.) 

Online Intensivkurse: (Mo.+ Di. + Mi. + Do. + Fr.)

Online Privatkurse: Kurstermine nach Absprache

Course Dates & Information

Course Information for Online German Course - A1-C2

Our German online courses start every month. This way you can learn German together with a group from the beginning. Our evening courses are from 18:30-20:30, our intensive courses from 12:30-16:30 and our private courses are scheduled at your convenience.

Online evening course dates: (Mon. + Wed.) & (Tues. + Thurs.) 

Online Intensive Courses: (Mon. + Tues. + Wed. + Thu. + Fri.)

Online private courses: Course dates by arrangement

deutsch sprachkurse in frankfurt am main

Our 3 Online German Courses

German course online - A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 Preparation for the exam

10 Week Course

German Online Evening Course
  • 80 Hours (Lessons)
  • Price per Hour 4,70 €
  • For GER, TestDaf, DSH Goethe Preperation
  • 8 Lessons Per Week

4 WEek COurse

German Online Intensiv Course
  • 80 Hours (Lessons)
  • Price per Hour 4,70 €
  • For GER, TestDaf, DSH, Goethe Preperation
  • 20 lessons Per Week

PRice Per Hour

German Privat Lesson Online
  • Flexible Course
  • 30-40 Hours for 1 Level
  • For GER, TestDaf, DSH Goethe Preperation
  • (Lesson = 45 min)

Free Trial For 1 Online Lesson

Intensivkurse Deutsch Gratis Probestunde für jedes Niveau A1 B1 C1

We offer you the chance to get to know our online German courses without having to book directly. So you can decide after your first trial course if you want to continue with your online German course.

What do you need for the online German course?

With these things you are equipped for any of our German courses online.

Was benötigst Du für den Online Deutschkurs?

Mit diesen 4 Dingen bist du für jeden unserer Deutsch online Kurse ausgerüstet.

Online Group Courses - Fun for Success

German online courses - Course size Max 12 students

When you book your online German course, you’ll be in class with up to 11 other students using Zoom. With Zoom, the teacher can respond well to each student when questions arise. Learning German via skype is a bit more complicated. With Zoom, all you have to do is click on the link sent to you and you’re in. The course material and exercises are also provided online.

Our online courses - course duration

How long until the next level A1-C2 With your German Online Course

The time you need to prepare for the language level test depends on the online German course. With our online evening courses you need 10 weeks, with intensive courses 4 weeks and private courses usually even less than 4 weeks, if you study German diligently. If you need to prepare for additional exams (Telc, Testdaf, GER, Goethe) we will provide you with the appropriate study material. So you can be sure that you will pass any exam you want.

Language certificates GER, Telc, Testaf Goethe

Online German Course - Get Your Certificate

Our German teachers work with you through our language lesson scripts for levels A1-C2. They prepare you specifically for your language exams. No matter if you attend an evening, intensive or private German course.  Our courses are designed so that you are optimally prepared for the language exams.

Learning topics german lessons online

4 Topics - Your Online German Course

Deutsche Sprache lernen in Frankfurt

Listening comprehension

Listening comprehension is attentively trained as our teachers play audios from a conversation to the group and analyze them together.

sprachschule frankfurt deutsch als fremdsprache

Online conversation

Pronunciation exercises are trained with fun role-plays where students work in groups and apply what they have learned.

deutschkurs online

Study Vocabularies

For each lesson there is vocabulary that you need to learn. So that you have the right vocabulary for your language exam, we will teach you all the best.

sprachschule deutsch frankfurt am main

German grammar learn online

Our teachers teach grammar with real life exercises and give the student enough time to understand what they have learned.

Online Deutsch lernen - Infos zu Deinem Deutschkurs


The language school ENALINGUA Frankfurt offers you the best German courses online A1 – C2 courses (intensive, private lessons, German course online for Telc,TestDaF) that can be flexibly adapted to your day or evening. Learn German online the way you want, from home, at work or even on vacation – with ENALINGUA’s online German courses you can learn German for beginners A1 or advanced C2 from anywhere in the world and from any city like Frankfurt am Main.

Learn German online – in a group & privately

It makes sense for many of our students to attend an online German course. The times for learning and the place to learn are flexible and you also save money for the travel to our language school in Frankfurt. You can also attend the online German course either as a private course or as a group course. In group lessons, the fun comes first, so you will meet interesting people.

German course online with teacher A1-C2

Our German teachers at ENALINGUA are native speakers or have a university degree and experience in teaching foreign students. In addition, we attach great importance to sympathy and commitment when choosing our German teachers. It is important to us that the online lessons are fun for the course participants. We have German teachers online and on-site who teach level A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

After you have successfully registered for your German course online, you will receive your course material once by e-mail and once in printed form. In addition, you will receive a supervisor to whom you can ask any questions about your course via Whats-App.

Online lessons German as a foreign language

At our language school in Frankfurt, the first lesson is free of charge. After that you can decide if you want to book the course. In addition, if you have any questions about your online German course, a supervisor will be at your side every day from 8 am to 5 pm. So you can ask any questions about the course and get a quick answer.

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