All Online German Courses
  • 4 Weeks 80 h (Lessons)
  • *Till Mai 2021


All Online German Courses
  • 4 Weeks 80 h (Lessons)
  • *Till Mai 2021

Language School Frankfurt Germany

German course Frankfurt - Successful preparation for A1-C2 Exam

You want to learn the German language (A1-C2) for your visa, so that you can start a job or study at the university?  Then you have to register at the exam center and pass the language exam.  Finding a good language school in Frankfurt am Main is usually a basic requirement for a good preparation for the test (GER, Telc, TestDaf, DSH). In order for you to receive the best support and stay motivated in our German course in Frankfurt and pass your language exam, our language school has come up with a very special support program.

Our German courses in Frankfurt

Face-to-face classes - Learn German on site at our language school in Frankfurt

German intensive courses


Do you want to learn the German language quickly and effectively and get your visa or other reasons? Then an intensive German course in Frankfurt am Main is the best alternative for you because here you get 20 hours / week of instruction! Whether for the university, your life or private – reasons, with our language school you will learn German as a foreign language at a high level. Very popular – Our Intensive German Courses Frankfurt C1. Recognized for (GER, DSH, TELC; TestDaF, Goethe)

Participants: Max 12

Course start: Monthly

Hours: 80 (UE)

Duration: 4 weeks

Levels: A1-C2

Age: From 16

Monday – Friday:

9:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.

4 hours (lessons) per day

With 20 lessons per week.

week course = 160 €

(8 € lesson)

4 weeks course = 560 €

(7 € lesson)

*Additional: one time 20 € for teaching materials

Evening German Courses


You would rather learn in the evening? No problem. With 8 hours/week of lessons you will learn 1 language level in 10 weeks. This way you can easily reach a new language level while your are study in the university or have a full time job. Our German course Frankfurt B2 is very popular. Recognized for (GER, DSH, TELC; TestDaF, Goethe)

Participants: Max 12

Course start: Monthly

Hours: 80 (UE)

Duration: 10 weeks

Levels: A1-C2

Age: From 18

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 

18:30 to 20:30

2-3 hours (lesson) per day

With 8 lessons per week.

10 weeks course = 560 €

(7 € lesson)

*Additional: One time 20 € for teaching materials

Private German Lessons


Do you prefer private German lessons? Then you should book this course. Here you can reach 1 Level. Recognized for (GER, DSH, TELC; TestDaF, Goethe)

Participants: 1 person

Course start: Flexible

Hours:  Flexible

Duration: Flexible

Levels: A1-C2

Age: From 16

Flexible: Monday – Sunday

1 hour = 42 €

*Additional: One time 20 € for teaching materials

The right level - From the beginning to the exam

we work for your success - Modern German Course Frankfurt

Some language schools in Frankfurt offer German courses that have already started. It also happens more often that courses at different levels are combined if not enough students have booked for one course. (e.g. B1 together with B2). In this way, the student is quickly left behind and loses the connection. Therefore, it is important to us that our students are allowed to learn together from the beginning.

Online German courses

Online German Course Frankfurt - Levels A1 to B2

Our German online courses are perfect for students who want to save money and prefer to study at home on the computer. This way you don’t have to travel all the way to our language school in Frankfurt to attend your German course. We offer intensive courses, evening courses and private online courses at every level. 

deutsch sprachkurse in frankfurt am main

3 steps - to your German course

German Course Frankfurt - Information

Before you register for your German course in Frankfurt, it is necessary for our language school to know what your goals are and what language level (A1-C2) you already have. This way you can be sure to sit in the right course. However, if you feel that the German course in Frankfurt is too easy or too difficult, you can always change from one level to the next.  

Take a German Level Test

Register Your Course Online

Visite Your Course Online Or On Site

deutsch sprachkurs in frankfurt am main

Your progress is important to us

Our tasks for Successful German Learning in Frankfurt

4 Tasks - German course Frankfurt

Deutsche Sprache lernen in Frankfurt

Listening Comprehension

Listening comprehension is trained by analyzing conversations and the teacher simulating everyday conversations with the students.


Practice Pronunciation

Exercises for correct pronunciation are trained with  role-plays, which students can practice in groups or privately with the teacher.

deutschkurs a2 frankfurt

Learn Vocabulary

For each level there is a basic vocabulary that you must have. These vocabulary words are built into tasks so that the student learns them automatically.

sprachschule frankfurt deutsch als fremdsprache

Grammar & sentence structure

For each level there is a basic vocabulary that one must have. These vocabulary words are built into tasks so that the student learns them automatically.

FAQ - More interesting information for you

Your Info - German Course FrankfurT

In many situations it is important to speak German

For the job in Frankfurt am Main, privately with German friends or to even to be successful in University

German is spoken by a total of 130 million people as a mother tongue and second language. Is German therefore a world language?

German is spoken more locally in Europe, it is considered an indigenous language. That’s why you learn German best in the land of poets and thinkers like Goethe and Schiller.

A language school in Frankfurt like ENALINGUA offers comprehensive German courses and is the perfect support to reach the desired learning level.

It is important to take a German course when you are in Frankfurt. 

However, learning the German language will not only help you in Frankfurt, but in many European countries such as:

South Tyrol Italy
Important! Dialects are waiting for you in every country or region. With Good German,  which you learn in our language school in Frankfurt, you will be understood everywhere.

German is also considered one of the most important technical languages in science and research, making it the second most important technical language in the world.

In medicine, engineering and many other fields, German is common and therefore required by some employers in Europe.

German research fellowships, which are awarded exclusively to foreigners, are in great demand.

You need an internationally recognized proof of your German language skills if you want to study in Germany. Therefore, our language school offers German exams at all levels from A1-C2 for beginners to the highest language level. 

Certificates from A1 to C1 - In Frankfurt


We as a language school in Frankfurt do not create language certificates for your German course. We only prepare you specifically for the examination of the corresponding language exam, so that you receive your desired language certificate without any problems and help you with the exam registration when obtaining a visa.

Our prices - Additional costs

How much does a German course A1, B2, C1 in Frankfurt cost?

The course costs vary from German course to German course. The price depends on whether the German student is on-site, prefers private lessons, or wants to learn German online. Most of the time a student needs 80 lessons to prepare well for a German test such as Telc, TestDaf, DSH, etc. That is why our courses are always based on 80 lessons. The price for the courses includes supervision and course fees. Teaching materials cost 20 € extra.


German course without residence permit

German as a foreign language for foreigners without a residence permit

You have the opportunity to attend an online German course Frankfurt and take a CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) exam or other. All this happens without you having to apply for a visa and travel to Germany.  We explain in 4 steps how you can reach your language level from the comfort of your own home. In addition, if you are a tourist in Frankfurt, you can attend a German course at our language school. We would recommend our intensive courses, because you can reach a language level within 4 weeks.

Book German course

German course Frankfurt from A1-C2

In order to know your language level, you should first take a placement test.

Visit German Course Online

Online courses - A1-C2

You can attend our German online courses from anywhere in the world. 3 types of courses are waiting for you.

Write a test online

GER Exam & More

You want to write your test online? No problem. We help you with the registration.

Certificate received by mail / mail

Certificate is sent

If you pass the language test, you will receive the language certificate by mail and e-mail.
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