English Course Online

Courses A1-C1 level
For 4 weeks 80 hours (Lessons)
  • Exam preparation

English Course Online

Courses A1-C1 level
For 4 weeks 80 hours (Lessons)
  • Exam preparation

English Course Online - Level A1-C1

Language school - Your english live course with certificate A1-C1

You want to learn English online, either With our online English courses you can prepare for the language exam (TOEFEL, TOIC, Cambridge Certificate). No matter how fast you want to reach a level, we at ENALINGUA offer 3 online course types, which will get you to your goal. You can learn English online at the following levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.  The online English courses are designed in such a way that you will be ready for the corresponding language exam and receive your English course certificate either after 4 weeks of intensive online English courses or after 10 weeks of evening classes.

englischkurs online

Course dates - Online course dates


Course dates - english live course

English course online NIveau A1-C1

Our online English group courses start every month from the beginning. This allows you to learn together with a group from the start. Our English Online evening courses are from 18:30-20:30. Our Intensive English Online courses are from 12:30-16:30 and our private courses are scheduled with you as it suits you best.

Online evening course dates: (Mon. + Wed.) & (Tues. + Thurs.) 

 Intensive Courses: (Mon. + Tues. + Wed. + Thu. + Fri.)

Online private lessons: Dates by arrangement

englischkurs online

Our 3 English - Online Courses

English online course with certificate - A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 Preparation for the exam


Englischkurs Online am Abend
  • Total 80 hours (Lessons)
  • Price per hour 4,70 €
  • GER, TOEFEL, TOIC, Cambridge Certificate
  • 8 lessons per Week


Intensiv Englischkurs Online
  • Total 80 hours (Lessons)
  • Price per hour 4,70 €
  • GER, TOEFEL, TOIC, Cambridge Certificate
  • 20 lessons per Week

Price Per Lesson

Englisch Online Privatunterricht
  • Course duration is flexible
  • Preis: Richtet sich nach Länge des Kurses
  • GER, TOEFEL, TOIC, Cambridge Certificate
  • (UE = 45 min)

Online English Course - Book A Free Lesson

Free Lesson Online Course English Englischkurs A1, A2, B1, B2, C1

Get to know our Online Classes – English by booking a trial course. Here you can participate for 45 minutes as a silent observer in one of our English group courses. Then you decide if and which course you want to book.

What Do I Need For My English Live Course

With these Devices you have everything you need for your Online Course

Online Group Courses - learn English

English Course online - Privat & Group Courses

Once you have selected the online English course, you will be assigned a course that fits your schedule. In our group courses, you will be in Zoom Meeting with 11 other students. With this innovative program, our English teachers are able to respond to each of the students. To participate, all you need to do is click on the Zoom link. Click on it and you are immediately in the video course meeting. The course material for your English course will be made available to you via email and in a Google Drive folder.

Our Levels For Online English Courses

English Courses - For Beginner And Advanced Students

Choose one of the online courses (Intensive, Evening, Private). After that, register with information about yourself and select the appropriate level.

Our Online Courses - Duration

How long does it take to reach a new level? A1-C1

How long you need to prepare for the exams depends on the online English course you choose. With our English evening courses you need 10 weeks, and with the English intensive courses 4 weeks (80 UE) to prepare yourself and Privat usually even less than 4 weeks, if you study German diligently.  If you need to prepare for additional exams (Telc, Testdaf, GER, Goethe) we will provide you with the appropriate study material. So you can be sure that you will pass any exam you want.

Certificates TOEFEL, TOIC, Cambridge Certificate and More

Online Exam Preperation

    Our English teachers prepare you specifically for your language exams. No matter if you attend an evening, intensive or private English course. Our courses are designed to give you the best chance of achieving the level you are aiming for. For Example our private teacher offer you CEA, CPE and IELTS Online Courses.

  • CEA Exam Preparation Online
  • CPE Cambridge Online Courses
  • IELTS Preparation Online

Our Fokus - Language School Frankfurt

4 Fields of Learning - Your English Course Online

englischkurs frankfurt und unternehmen

Practise Listening Comprehension

Listening comprehension is trained attentively as the teacher plays recordings from a conversation to the group and analyzes them together.

englischkurse frankfurt


Pronunciation is practiced as students individually recite English texts via Zoom. This is done in role plays, or in 1 to 1 conversation.

englisch lernen frankfurt am main

Use And Study Vocabulary

You will receive a list of vocabulary words for each lesson, which will be integrated into exercises so that you can use them easily and in practice.

englischkurs frankfurt

Grammar Activity

Our teachers teach grammar with real-life English exercises. Each student is given several exercises to do at home to reinforce what they have learned.

Online Englisch lernen - Infos zu Deinem Englischkurs

FAQs - Englischkurs online Fortgeschrittene & Anfänger (A1-C2)

Our language school in Frankfurt offers you 3 online course types from A1 – C2 in English, which can be flexibly adapted to your everyday life. So you can learn English online as it suits you best. Whether you are sitting at your desk at home, in an internet café, or even on vacation – with a good internet connection and the right equipment you can participate in our English lessons from anywhere in the world.

The choice is yours – Learn English in a group or privately

There are many advantages to taking an English course online. You don’t have to leave home, you can study from anywhere and you can save the cost of bus, train or gasoline to our language school in Frankfurt. In addition, you will be taught the same course content as at our school.

Our teachers – trained native speakers

Our English teachers are selected according to special criteria. A university degree and teaching experience are important to us. It is even more important to us that our teachers are friendly and committed, so that the online lessons are fun for the course participants.

After you have successfully registered for your online English course (A1-C2), our staff will contact you and send you the course material by e-mail.  You will also meet your supervisor, who you can ask all your questions via Whatsapp. 

English course for kids online

Our language school in Frankfurt does not only offer adults the possibility to book an online English course. Children from the age of 10 can also attend an online English course with our private teachers. Just book our online English private lessons and get one of our qualified English teachers with university degrees and many years of teaching experience. Our online English course for kids is graded by level. A1, A1, B1, B2. We are looking forward to your contact.

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