Englisch Course

Courses Level A1-C2
10 Weeks 80 Hours (Lessons)
  • Language Exam Preparation

Englisch Course

Courses Level A1-C2
10 Weeks 80 Hours (Lessons)
  • Language Exam Preparation

Your English Course Frankfurt

EnalinGua - learn english in frankfurt & Online - Level A1-C2

You want to improve your English quickly and efficiently to a higher level in order to be convincing in everyday conversations, at work or at university? Then our online intensive, private, business English courses in Frankfurt are just right for you. In our language school you will learn English on A1,A2,B1,B2,C1,C2 levels. Our language school offers you with our courses (conducted according to the specifications of the CEFR European Framework of Reference) everything you need for a successful exam. From the supervisor to the teacher to the test, our language school is always at your side. Your progress is important to us.

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Our English Courses in Frankfurt and Online


4 Weeks Course

English Course Online
$ 380
  • 80 Hours (Lessons)
  • Price 4,70€ per hour
  • TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge Certificate
  • 20 Hours A Week

4 Weeks Course

Business English Online
  • 80 Hours (Lessons)
  • Price 4,70€ per hour
  • TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge Certificate
  • 20 Hours A Week

Special Offer

English Privat Lessons
  • Price per hour (Lesson)
  • Flexible Times
  • TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge Certificate
  • As many hours as you need

English Courses - Find Your Level A1-C2

We Work for you - English Course Frankfurt

In many language schools it is common for students to join group courses that have already started and levels are combined (e.g. A1 together with A2). The problem with this is that course participants are left behind, lose the connection or do not get the connection at all. Therefore, it is important to our language school that every course participant is involved from the beginning.

3 Steps to your English Lessons

Information - learn english frankfurt

Before you book your English language course in Frankfurt, it is important for us to know what you are aming for and which goals you have – so we can offer you a course that you need. If the course is too easy or even too difficult, you can always change from one level to an other level. 

Contact us and send us your information

Make a “Level Test” to find your level A1-C2

Visite one German lesson for free

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Your Goal is Important - English Course Frankfurt

Edvantages for you from Enalingua

Only for You - english course frankfurt

With our language school in Frankfurt you can be sure that you will learn English efficiently and quickly. You have the choice to book our English course Frankfurt online, attend a private course for more intensive learning or a group course. Each English course Frankfurt is designed to either refresh your English skills (level A1-C1), or to acquire an English certificate such as (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambride Certificate).

Free Course Trial

Online & On-Side

Take a level test. You can do this either at home or at our language school in Frankfurt.

Change your Level

Level 1-C2 Change

If you find that the level for your English Frankfurt course is not suitable, your supervisor will arrange for a change of course.

Free intermediate Test

Test your Skills

If you have to pass a language exam, you will have the opportunity to take an intermediate exam at ENALINGUA.

Help to get the Certificate

Get your Certificate

If you pass the language test, we will make sure that the authorities issue your certificate as soon as possible.

Exercises - modern English Course Frankfurt

4 Tasks for your success

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Listening Comprehension

Listening comprehension exercises are important for a fluent conversation in English at work, at university and in everyday life. That’s why we place a lot of emphasis on helping our students develop a trained ear for the English language. 

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Exercises to train pronunciation are important to be understood in a conversation and are practiced in role plays.

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English Vocabularies

For each course type there is a basic vocabulary that you need to know. In our language school in Frankfurt you will be taught this vocabulary in interesting tasks and you can learn it comfortably at home.

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Study the English grammar is not that easy. Therefore, it is important to our language school to respond in detail to the learning progress of each student. This way we ensure that everyone can follow the lessons. 


reasons why your should book an english course at Enalingua Frankfurt

Englischkurs frankfurt

Often you come across expensive language schools in Frankfurt, with outdated teaching methods. At ENALINGUA we know that in today’s world it is important to inspire and teach the student with modern tools and exercises. All our English courses Frankfurt A1-C2 help you to reach your goals.

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Good supervision is particularly important during the course. So that you do not lose the thread during your English course in Frankfurt, you will be assigned a supervisor, whom you can reach daily via Whats App. This way you can quickly clarify all questions and concentrate on learning English.

deutsch sprachkurs in frankfurt am main

Get to know us - Free English Course Frankfurt

Englischkurs Frankfurt

Your progress on the job is important for us. We want to help you reach your goal as quickly and efficiently as possible, you will be coached exclusively by native speakers with university degrees, several years of teaching experience and our supervisors.

Why is it important to speak english?

FAQ - English Course Frankfurt

English is one of the most important languages in the world. You can communicate wonderfully with English anywhere in the world. It is the official language in countries such as America (USA), the United Kingdom (UK), Australia, Canada, India, as well as some former colonies in the Caribbean and Africa. English is also the most widely spoken business language. Whatever your goals are – a study abroad program, or a career in an international company. Our language school in Frankfurt am Main has the right courses for your needs.

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